We have taken some traditional holidays and added our own flare and traditions. These events are something everyone looks forward too and the children’s interest level for them grows every year, eventually the older pre k kids take great pride in planning the events. And it also helps mark the transition through the year. Art, music, stories and food are always reflective of the event. Here are just a few for you to view.


It is almost impossible to avoid the gore and horror that goes with Halloween; it permeates every store. We begin our Halloween on October 1 to gradually introduce the holiday in bits and pieces. The goal is to replace fear and horror with creativity and imaginative play. What we do is not scary just silly and we do some of our best artwork during this month, which is used to decorate the school.

The kitchen is transformed into the Witch’s Café where the kids make a new and healthy Creepy Cuisine such as mashed potato ghosts, a hearty brew stew,( made from an assortment of whole and unusual vegetables), carrot fingers with almond fingernails, and many more.

We end the month with a mini carnival and a feast. Costumes with out masks are optional.

Wacky Wednesday

Is a wonderful day of opposites and many other “wacky” things including our outfits. The school is quite literally turned upside down and the kids spend the day trying to identify everything that is out of the ordinary as well as engage in various “wacky” activities.

This annual event started with a story young Evan introduced by Dr. Suess over 20 years ago.

Leprechaun Day

For at least two weeks prior to St Paddy’s Day, we learn about the wee folk. Stories are picked to illustrate honesty, humor, good deeds and we even have our own resident leprechaun, Timothy! Again the art, music and cooking are reflective of Irish culture.

Special Family Days

Since we seem to always have a family visiting from another country we celebrate a special day that teaches us about cultural traditions their homeland.

Red Food Buffet

Has been happening since we opened. The month of February is all about making a healthy heart through diet and exercise. We celebrate Valentines Day with the Red Food Buffet, a potluck of healthy heart shaped foods or food that is naturally red.

Spring Egg Hunt

We learn about growth, applying it to the cycle of nature and all the many different animals that evolve from eggs. The kids also learn about healthy eating habits that will help them grow to be big and strong. The celebration of spring ends in a hunt for the elusive Captain Vegetable. He drives a carrot rocket ship in search of kids who won’t eat vegetables and teaches them how to make carrot and parsnip soup. He leaves little gifts for those really healthy eaters.

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