Learning through inquiry is always more

rewarding than simply being told the end

result, because the child physically becomes

part of the answer. Exploration also teaches

the students how to problem solve and

exercise that muscle we call a brain.

Exploration involves freedom to look, poke, disassemble and put a recent discovery

through a variety of tests before coming to

a conclusion. This can take minutes or

weeks of tests and observation. We as

teachers help by bringing in a variety of new

things to study, or by adding different

elements to the tests, supplying books,

guest speakers, outings or whatever item

or element meets the need. Exploration is

not limited to scientific inquiry our yard is a

set up for creative exploration of many kinds

from, digging up bugs, siphoning water,

mastering a athletic skill, or building a space

ship out of milk cartons and flying off to the

other side of the universe.

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