Gardening is a daily event, the interest level

varies between children but at the end of the

morning after we have finished our clean up

jobs everyone grabs a whimsical vessel to

bring water to the thirsty plants.

The type of garden varies from year to year depending on the interest of the group. We

have done many themed gardens; salad,

pizza, spaghetti, ketchup, as well as the

traditional vegetable and flower gardens.

The children germinate the seeds, plant

them, and use small scissors to groom the

dead foliage.

There are always areas for exploration, sometimes a seed saved from an piece of fruit may be planted, last summer a rubber shark was planted,watered and weeded for several weeks to see if a shark plant might grow. There have also been attempts to plant beads, marbles, and a sock. The older kids find this quietly amusing but it is rare that they discourage the experiment. I think secretly they still wonder if it will work.

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